• ClientBranding project
  • ServicesGraphic design
Concept Store Barcelona
Create a brand that represents a cultural, gastronomic and fashionista epicenter, targeted to transgressive and creative people. This concept store contains 5 areas: restaurant, clothing store, Instagram gallery, flower shop and a workshop area. It will be located in Barcelona’s Parc de la Ciutadella Hivernacle, which will be divided in 5 areas using the greenhouse temperature colors and degrees to create the sub brands. 

Hivernacle Parc de la Ciutadella, BarcelonaDaynamic

CONCEPT: Metamorphosis. A space in constant change. Daily the sizes of the 5 areas will change, and the activity itself will also change. On Monday the area 21 will be the restaurant, and on Tuesday that same area 21 will be the clothing store, and so on. Therefore, the name of the concept store is: Daynamic, creative space.
As the concept store is divided in 5 areas, so will be the logo and it sub brands. The logo will also change daily, representing the daily changes inside the greenhouse.


Our corporate stationary will also represent the metamorphosis concept, as well as our signage, ads, packaging and merchandising.